Business 101 for Cyberpreneurs

Whether you are building a new web business from scratch or improving an existing one, it is important to remember that online businesses are built on the same business rules that apply to brick-and-mortar businesses. Today’s cyberpreneurs need to learn and master a new set of key business topics and skills to make their dreams a long-term reality. Four lively speakers will share their knowledge, experiences and most common mistakes startups make while transforming their ideas into established businesses. This 90-minutes session will also include a Q&A (featuring the people listed below), and opportunities to talk with the speakers and other attendees. Case study by

Panel Leader: Arturo Duran / Executive VP & Chief Digital Officer at Journal Register Company


Luis de la Hoz /Spanish Program Coordinator at The Intersect Fund

Ernesto Sosa /President at SOWEB and LATISM Director

Pedro Cabrera / Regional Manager VW South America

Diego Saenz / Founder


Target audience: cyberpreneurs, bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs, startups

What will you learn?

A definitive step-by-step guide focused on the key business basics to successfully launch and run a web-based business. From idea development to business launch and development, you will learn the key topics you need to address in order to set the right foundations for a successful, profitable long-term business online.