Creating a Win-Win Brand/Blogger Relationship

Social Media has changed the buying process as we know it. Celebrity endorsements are not as effective as they used to be and brands know it. Bloggers are the new trusted influencers in town. According to recent studies bloggers are perceived by consumers as trusted advisors in key stages of the buying process opening great opportunities for brands and marketers. Learn from top experts how to build and manage the relationship between brands and bloggers to make it a win-win for both parties, achieve your business goals based on effective collaboration, master the new rules of engagement, and learn to negotiate mutually beneficial service contracts.

Panel Leader: Paul Rand – President and CEO at Zocalo Group

Paul Rand, Zocalo Group



Stephanie Smirnov – President at DeVries

Barbara Jones – Founder and CEO at One2One Network

Danielle Wiley – Principal at Sway Group


Target Audience: Bloggers, Social Media Managers, Online Community Managers, PR, Marketing Professionals

What will you learn?

  • How to make the best win-win strategy and make it last
  • How to sort out quality vs. talk/talk/talk
  • How to set realistic expectations