Social Media Disruption: Finding your Voice

Why do we blog and how can I create more interest in my blog? Learn how the strategy of the “disruptive event” can take your blog to a level of activity you never thought would be possible. Using the case study of the BBC’s TOP GEAR Mexican sports car segment, you will learn how you too can become a blogger who can make a difference and challenge traditional media and content sharing. This is a bilingual presentation.

Panel Leader: Julio Ricardo Varela – Founder of Latino Rebels


Catherine Connors – Author, Writer and Blogger at Babble

Lisa Stone – Co-Founder and CEO at BlogHer

Carrie Ferguson Weir – Co-Founder and Blogger at Tiki Tiki Blog


Target Audience: bloggers, journalists, marketers, writers, social activists

What will you learn?

Gain the confidence and power to use the power of blogging, writing and social media networks to become an effective and dynamic blogger that will not only make a difference, but get results.