Amber Naslund, Radian6

Amber Naslund

Amber Naslund is a business strategist, change steward, communicator, and the VP Social Strategy for Radian6, the leading social media monitoring and engagement platform.

Her experience and expertise spans professional fundraising, corporate communications, marketing, professional services, and social business strategy. She’s successfully run multimillion dollar endowment and annual fundraising campaigns, managed dozens of teams that included senior management and remote workforces, launched and relaunched several international brands, built progressive and successful strategic plans, redesigned organizations to better leverage talent and meet changing customer needs, advised on enterprise social business strategy, and built a renowned community and social media team from the ground up in a rapid-growth startup that was successfully acquired.

Amber is also the co-author of the best-selling business book, The NOW Revolution, which discusses the impact that social media has on how businesses work today and the shifts that organizations need to make to stay nimble and relevant.  Her Brass Tack Thinking blog has been recognized several times for excellence in social media and community related content by the likes of Forbes, Social Media Examiner, and Post Rank, and she speaks professionally about social business and strategy at dozens of industry conferences and private events every year,