José Luis Rodriguez, Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc. (HITN)

Jose Luis Rodriguez

José Luis Rodriguez is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc. (HITN). HITN was established in 1981 as a private, non-profit organization with the purpose of advancing the educational, cultural, and socio-economic aspirations of Hispanics.

Mr. Rodriguez’s vision to create a national television network came to fruition in 1987, when HITN expanded with the creation of HITN-TV. Today, HITN-TV is the first and only non-commercial “PBS-like” Spanish-language network in the US. A service that reaches more than 33 million households nationwide through carriage on Satellite; Dish Network and DirecTV, Cable; Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Charter. HITN is the only non-commercial network “owned” and controlled by US Latinos.

HITN-TV’s award winning programming reflects Mr. Rodriguez’s continuing commitment to education. Many programs have been developed with youth and education in mind and are conceived on distance learning strategies. Since 1994, HITN-TV has produced “Corriente Cultural,” HITN’s oldest and most innovative distance learning program designed for students in English as a Second Language programs in public high schools.

HITN is the largest holder of Educational Broadband Spectrum (EBS) in the United States, with licenses in over 80 domestic markets. This spectrum will support the next generation of broadband wireless networks, Wimax, and will provide new opportunities to deliver educational content to consumers and institutions. Mr. Rodriguez successfully negotiated partnership agreements with Goldman Sachs and then with the legendary telecommunications entrepreneur Craig McCaw worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Mr. Rodriguez is one of the founders of Clearwire and a former member of its board of directors.

Born in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Mr. Rodríguez is a lifelong advocate of education as a way for Latinos to succeed and contribute not only in their communities but the larger American society. Mr. Rodriguez received a Bachelors Degree from the University of Puerto Rico in Business Administration. He moved to New York City and performed graduate work in School Administration and Supervision at Teachers College of Columbia University. With over 25 years of experience in education, he has held positions such as teacher, United Federation of Teachers delegate (elected citywide), National Education Association representative, daycare center director, guidance counselor, assistant principal, and principal in New York City’s public schools. At age 25, Mr. Rodriguez was the youngest school principal in New York City public school history.

In addition to his interest in education, Mr. Rodriguez is an avid participant and follower of trends in the areas of science and technology, Hispanics and the digital divide, and issues related to disparities experienced by minorities in the quest to get equal access to information technology. He is a leading proponent in augmenting minority ownership in
media and telecommunications. He has been an active participant in major telecommunications policy discussions at the national and international level.

Mr. Rodriguez was appointed by New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to the New York City Broadband Commission. On January 1, 2008, Mr. Rodriguez began his term as newly appointed Chairman of the Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA). Mr. Rodriguez is a co-founder of the National Association of Independent Networks (NAIN).

He has received multiple awards from leading Hispanic organizations throughout the country.

Mr. Rodriguez and his wife reside in New York City. He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters and grandfather of two.