Julian Alcazar, Latinos on Fast Track Institute (LOFT)

Julian Alcazar interned with the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, where he was instrumental in analyzing graduation and retention rates for the Latino population and disseminating the Initiative’s work through on-line network outlets.  He generated ideas on how to better serve the community by increasing access to higher education and closing the achievement gap in the Latino community by extensive data collection for the K-12 and post secondary education system in addition to providing input on current education issues, reading and analyzing recent education proposals and writing detailed recommendations in the form of office memorandums.  Julian organized a social media strategy for the first White House Hispanic Policy Conference, to effectively promote the conference and the conversations that were taking place. He helped coordinate the White House Initiative on Education Excellence signing ceremony at The White House, and most recently joined the Office of Innovation and Improvement, the “entrepreneurial arm” of the U.S. Department of Education which oversees competitive grants for enhancing education.

As the Chief Technology Officer for Latinos on Fast Track Institute Julian’s duties are to effectively promote the advancement of Latinos both in the private and nonprofit sectors. He uses social media outlets to effectively promote the organizations work in the public and leads workshops around the nation on Leadership Development and Community engagement.