Libby Juliá Vázquez, New Futuro

Libby Julia

Libby Juliá Vázquez is the Online Editor of New Futuro, this involve managing the strategic direction of all online content, including the overseeing of NF’s online community and social media strategy. Libby wrote passionately for years whenever she felt the urge. Today she is an editor extraordinaire and Latina media maven. In her rare spare time, she is the owner of Write Media, a freelance writing and communications company and the Chief Content Officer of Being Latino Online Magazine. Before beginning her career as an editor and writer she worked in higher education administration, both student affairs and alumni relations, working daily with college students. She always found time to write, and still does. When not managing other writers and their content, she maintains a blog about Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood (where she lives), and a personal blog, Moments in My Head, providing thoughts on day-to-day life and current events. Following stints in New York, Puerto Rico, and Utah, she now lives in Chicago.