Ryan Rasmussen, Zócalo Group

Ryan Rasmussen

Ryan Rasmussen heads Insights & Analytics at Zocalo Group. He is the architect of the group’s suite of industry award winning online and offline measurement tools, including the Recommendation Index, Earned Digital Engagements, and Digital Footprint Index – receiving awards from SNCR at Harvard (2009), Stanford (2010), and two SABRE awards for Measurement Innovation (2010) & Product of the Year (2011.)

Prior to joining Zócalo Group, Ryan was known to many in the blogosphere as the enigmatic “Captain Levenger.” He was an early pioneer of leveraging social media to win the hearts of customers through CS, NPD/co-creation, fast-prototyping on YouTube, Flickr, & Second Life, and ultimately creating remarkable brand experiences.

“I learned early-on how to build a successful social media presence for a brand by becoming their employee evangelist. I learned the tools of the trade inside and out, and used them in a way that demonstrated my passion for innovation and making their customers an active, acknowledged, connected part of the brand. The outcome was a community of customer evangelists spanning across blogs, forums, micromedia, photo/video sharing sites, and virtual worlds.

In the process, I realized the true meaning and value of transparency and authenticity online.”

When not in the office, he spends his time in the metaverse researching deep technologies and speaking to the emerging impact of augmented cognition, avatar identity, and temporal chauvinism. His passion for Future studies has been supported through his work as a charter member of the Long Now Foundation.

Ryan lives in Chicago with his wife, Allyson, and two cats, Zelda & Ninety-Nine, and is completing his Kellogg MBA at Northwestern.